CNC Milling Workshops

Second year SPD students have recently been inducted on the MDX540 CNC milling machines in order to produce project prototypes.

The students are coming towards the end of the first study block period, which is a time when productivity levels are maxed out in preparation for project hand-ins at the beginning of December. This year the project briefs have been vast, with all students going down different paths toward final prototypes. The milling room in the workshop makes the quick production of prototypes and models possible. Using the mills, students can effectively convey their product concepts and test the feasibility of their designs.


SPD student, Saxon Brewer-Marchant said, “Having access to these milling machines has been invaluable. It has enabled everyone’s work to reach a higher standard, especially when it comes to exploratory and final presentation models. Lots of us have been milling for the last few weeks, making experimental models in order to better inform our design thinking.”

Another SPD student, Stefan Hewitt, has been using the four axis milling machine. “It’s been extremely useful in the exploratory stage. It’s just a great tool to quickly and easily see how well a form works as a physical body. Some of my test pieces have been used close to the final version as it gives such a nice finish in different materials.”


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