Our current collaboration with Cornwall Care

The second year Interior Design students are currently working with Cornwall Care, a non-profit organisation and the largest care provider in Cornwall. This important yet exciting project allows the students to work together in order to come up with lots of ideas and design techniques to improve the standard of living for the elderly in nursing homes across Cornwall and potentially nationwide.

In recent news a series of shocking incidents in privately run residential nursing homes in Cornwall have been secretly filmed by the BBC. Due to this, Clinton House in St Austel is being shut down on the terms that many of the facilities were outdated and run down.The Panorama team that lead the inquest found that the smell, look and feel of the home was insufficient and that the care the elderly should be receiving and more importantly entitled too was not provided. The second years have been split into teams in order to tackle every aspect of what makes a successful nursing home. So far the teams have come up with innovative solutions to help the immobile residence as well as clever design techniques such as route planning footprints in order to avoid confusion when navigating around the home and padded furnishings to prevent accidents.

We hope that our collaboration with Cornwall Care will mean that the standards of living will be improved for the residence providing them with a better quality of life. We will keep you posted on this projects progression and a final booklet will be printed including all of our designs and design ideas on what we think makes a successful nursing home.



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