Level 2 Poltesco Site Visit

In October, Level 2 went on a site visit to Poltesco Valley, a National Trust Site in Cornwall.  A bright sunny day really showed Poltesco at its best. They went to see the medieval mills, 17th-century pilchard cellars and a 19th-century serpentine harbour for a new project – ‘Forgotten Spaces’.

The project is based on how the rehabilitation of urban environments, derelict buildings and neglected spaces can become an integral aspect of the interior design curriculum. Can the re-imagining of ‘forgotten spaces’ lead to solutions that are innovative and thoughtful responses to spatial renewal?

The task was to develop a new use for the ruins and re-imagine the existing buildings and their immediate environment. This is a really creative project where students are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible , while remaining sensitive to the site. The students had great fun with this and some really interesting concepts were shown in the final presentations such as a star gazing site, artist studios, a rehabilitation centre and even a mini golf club.

Jake Morely 1
Jake Morely 2
Jake Morely 3
Mathew Barker 1
Matthew Barker 2
Mathew Barker 3
Matthew Barker 4
Mathew Barker 5



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