CUC Racing: How students design, build and race a prototype vehicle

Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) Racing is a collaboration between the University of Exeter’s Renewable Energy department and Falmouth University’s BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design course to design, build and race an electric powered car at the Shell Eco Marathon.

The Shell Eco Marathon is a global competition that challenges students to push the boundaries in vehicle, energy efficiency and provides an arena for students to test the vehicles they have designed and manufactured.

CUC Racing achieved outstanding results in 2014, being the only British team to compete in the hydrogen fuel cell prototype competition. The ‘Kernow Karr’ was the first car in the history of the Shell Eco Marathon to pass the hydrogen inspection first time and went on to achieve an efficiency the petrol equivalent of 613 miles per litre.

In the Summer 2016, CUC Racing returned to the Shell Eco Marathon in London to improve upon our performance in 2015 with our unique design and engineering approach.

One of the key sponsors this year were Autodesk who provided excellent support on the project and helped to make this film.


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