London and Stockholm Design Study Trips

Following the success of the study trip to the London Design Festival in September, we are now looking forward to Stockholm Design week in February 2016. The SPD course will be travelling to Sweden for the week to explore exhibitions in what is often referred to as the capital of design.

Many SPD students attended the London trip at the beginning of this year. This allowed them to spend three days exploring the variety of exhibitions and design shows on as part of the London Design Festival.

During the range of exhibitions and shows, for some of the students the highlights included viewing and trying radical new furniture designs and speaking with high-tech developers about emerging technologies. It is very exciting when a conversation with someone quickly turns to a realisation of a whole new gap in the market to be explored. Exposing ourselves to design ideas that haven’t made it out into the public eye yet allows us to be one step ahead with our own ideas.

The Stockholm study trip will certainly be equally as exciting and inspirational.

“Stockholm Design Week is the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian Design. The main event is Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair which attracts around 40 000 visitors and 700 exhibitors from all around the world. The entire city of Stockholm gets involved. During Stockholm Design Week the city is filled with high-profile design events, showrooms and exhibitions all week long.”(

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality as emerged in the 1950s from the five Nordic countries. We are excited to immerse ourselves in this foreign culture and spend the week observing, sketching and analysing designs to draw from the experience and influence our own work.

These events are also a prime opportunity for networking. It allows students to make connections in the industries that appeal to them, which could lead to professional relationships.

In the evenings we plan to mingle with the locals and sample Scandinavian culture and cuisine. From a design students’ point of view, I am very excited, and I know my peers are too, about the Stockholm study trip.

[Story: Erin Wainwright / Stage 2 SPD]


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