One Day Wonder – A collaboration to design an eco-materials database

On Wednesday 25th November Falmouth BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design will be hosting an exciting collaborative event combining the skills of students throughout the three years. They will spend the day in groups working on skills in design, making and networking. The collaborative outcome will be an accessible and expanding eco-materials database in both the physical and digital realms. The event is aimed at creating a physical and digital materials library for the use of the students. There will be four teams:

  • Designing a physical storage unit for material samples
  • Designing a display system to profile new materials and finishes
  • Networking to gather materials and samples
  • Digital database team to create a searchable record and website.

SPD Studio2

By the end of the day we will have a unique filing system for physical material samples, designed by our students. We will have orders for samples under the categories: wood, plastic, metal, composite materials, textiles, glass/ceramics, and components. We will have a design for an interactive display unit to showcase new and exciting materials, which allows students to touch and arrange samples to inspire current projects. We will have an online database of materials with links to student projects to put the materials in context.

The collaborative outcome will be a complete system to aid research and decision-making on materials in Falmouth SD student projects. They will quickly be able to find out materials attributes, touch them, test them and find out where to source materials and their prices.

This is an exciting day bringing together the years to create a legacy for the course; an accessible and expanding materials database in both the physical and digital realms. We will be reporting on the events of the day through the @FalmouthSD Instagram and Twitter feeds.

[story: Erin Wainwright / stage 2 SPD]


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