Keebunga Waterproof Key Case on Kickstarter

Cornwall based Keebunga has launched the world’s first hard shell waterproof key case on Kickstarter, offering a fantastic example as to how businesses can incorporate sustainable design principles into their products.

Keebunga Keycase

Keebunga teamed up with local design consultancy, Buff Industrial Design Ltd to design the key case, where Falmouth SPD student Robert Dooley works alongside his studies.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, the Keebunga Waterproof Key Case can be used to safely store and carry car keys whilst surfing, sailing, swimming and more.

Under their “For life not landfill” scheme, the Keebunga Waterproof Key Case is designed using high quality materials and manufacturing processes in order to extend the product lifecycle and a component based design means that if a part were to be damaged, taking apart and re-assembling the product is easy.

The kickstarter campaign has only a few days left, so if you’d like to help bring this product to life, then click here to back it now.

To find out more about Keebunga and it’s Transparency and Sustainability policies, click here.



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