Max’s Lamp Shortlisted for Delight in Light Award

Congratulations to Sustainable Product Design, second year student, Max Ashford whose Quercus Lamp was shortlisted for the national Delight in Light Award.

Quercus – A Max Ashford Design from Lewis Gillingham on Vimeo.

Max showcased his lamp alongside other nominees at 100% Design during the London Design Festival in September. Max describes Quercus as an environmentally friendly lighting solution for the sustainably minded young professional. From the materials and manufacture, to the energy used and the ability to separate all materials at the end of the product’s long life, the whole life cycle is sustainable with low embodied energy. An upcycled wine bottle, cut and frosted to create a soft and comfortable glow, is repurposed as the lamp shade whilst the stand is constructed of local reclaimed oak shaped through the steam bending process. An LED bulb provides illumination that both focuses on the task at hand whilst also filling the surrounding environment.

Max Ashford

See the Quercus lamp here:


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