Inspired Cycle Engineering

First year SPD student, Hannah Smith, reports on their recent visit to Inspired Cycle Engineering:

Specialising in creating beautifully engineered recumbent trikes, visiting Inspired Cycle Engineering gave us a chance to see a local company that has made their products global. From a small office space we were introduced to the team of designers, engineers, accountants and marketers. It was especially interesting to see a graduate from our course within the team, who described his job as ever changing and exciting as he was able to stretch into different areas of design from engineering to exhibition design. The head of the company, Chris Parker, passionately talked us through the company’s history, how they have expanded from a hobby to a global company. The modular construction and attention to detail displayed the company’s aspiration for longevity, often taking years to perfect a component so that the user will be fully satisfied. To top the day off we completed some product testing, zipping about on surprisingly comfortable carbon fibre seats certainly made us all want to own one!

ICE trikes


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